100-240V Photo Studio Photography Continuous Light Softbox Kit

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Continuous lighting soft boxes offer a convenient yet economical method of modern studio lighting, suitable for use with conventional still digital or video cameras. They provide a soft uniform diffused light. Ideal for portraits in a confided area or web based product photography, and can be combined with a light pod or pop up light tent. You will find the versatility of the kit useful for most types and styles of photography, as the flicker free lamps are color balanced to 5500k enabling them to be used with many other studio lighting products.
This economy light kit is a self-contained studio kit suitable for commercial photography, videography, interviews, digital and family portraits. This continuous lighting set offers easy to use controls, each unit has 4 lamp holders with 5500k energy efficiency bulbs (Equivalent to approx. 150W normal lamp), which can be operated individually on the control panel. So you can have complete control the light power.
The problem you might be aware of when using your lights is that the shadows of the object are quite , creating an artificial look to the object. The easiest and probably most effective solution is to use soft boxes to diffuse the shadows. A softbox is most popular for its soft, even light. Soft boxes are used heavily in portrait photography and many other types of commercial photography. It is an effective, lightweight tool for reducing light intensity without sacrificing softness. With this continuous lighting kit, it includes 2 50x70cm portable rectangular softbox.

Packing List  


2 x  100-240V 4 Lamp holders Continuous Head Unit

2 x 80-200cm Lighting Stands

2x Softbox (50cmx70cm)

2x plug adapter (US to European)


( Please note that lamps/bulbs are not included )