9inx9in Universal Camera Flash Softbox Diffuser

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Get the perfect lighting no matter where you are! The 9 x 9" Flash Softbox is a great way to expand the capabilities of your shoe-mount flash. Quick assembly by just popping open the softbox, add the diffusers, fasten your flash to it with the softbox's fasteners, slip the flash into the camera's hot shoe and you're ready to shoot!

Using a softbox with your shoe-mounted flash will help to diffuse and to evenly distribute the light output of the flash. This will help to reduce those harsh shadows which are often the result of direct flash photography. Softbox also includes an internal diffuser baffle, helping to minimize the possibility of hotspots. A recessed front face will help control light spill and makes feathering easier. When not in use, the softbox collapes into its own carrying bag making it easy to transport to any photo shot.



- Softens and diffuses light from shoe-mounted flash- Assembles in seconds- Minimal light loss- Collapsable, lightweight and portable- Reflective silver interior reduces light loss- Removable diffuser and inner baffle for precise light modification control- Large opening for flash is compatible with most on-camera flashes

*flash not included.

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