LED Cat Ear Headphones

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These fun and unique Cat Ear Headphones are any cat lovers dream!  Six amazing colors to chose from will deliver an amazing audio and visual experience.

Turn the glowing blue lights on or off or enter rave mode and have them blinking as the music encompasses you.

Attach to your favorite music device (phone, computer, ipod, etc) with a standard 3.5mm Headphone Jack.


  • LED glowing lights on the cat ears
  • Fun and cute-looking earphones
  • Perfect for cat lovers, teens and the wild at heart
  • Super-clear, high-quality sound


  • Over-the-ear headphones have a 3.5-mm audio jack
  • Cable is about 5 feet long
  • On/off button for the glowing lights is located behind the left cat ear


  • 1 x headphones with LED cat ears


  1. Pull out headset cord and insert its plug into an appropriate port of a personal computer, laptop, MP3 player, portable CD or MD player, hand phone music player, or similar device.
  2. Put on headphones, adjusting its position on your ears.
  3. You can turn on or off the glowing lights by pressing the button located behind the left cat ear. If you prefer, you can set the lights to blinking mode.
  4. Enjoy good quality, clean sound.


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