Photo Studio Shooting 40x40cm Tent with 4 Backdrops

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This -New Photo Soft Box Light Tent is designed to help you produce great quality digital photos right from your own tabletop studio, it is made from photographic grade light diffusing white chemical fiber fabrics, which can be lit by flash, fluorescent, quartz, tungsten and flood lights.

There are 4 removable backgrounds Cloths in White, Black, Red and Blue that can give more choices for you to take conspicuous photos.

It also contains a detachable front door Cover incorporating a slit for your camera lens, particularly useful when photographing highly reflective objects such as silver and glass.

This light tent will Enables you to create your own portable, self-contained, table top lighting studio.

You can control where and how light falls on to your product as wish.

With this soft box, to create professional, consistent images of catalogue, online auction, collectables and product photography will be a very easy job.


Package include:

1X 16" x 16" x16" (40 x 40 x 40cm) professional Photo Soft Box light tent 

4X Background cloths (Red, White, Blue and Black)

1X Front door Cover with camera lens slit

1X Carry Case for ease storage